Happy Autumn Equinox!

I wish saying that actually gave me autumn temperatures here in the South. 🙂 It’s officially Autumn and here in Memphis we’ve been predicted to have a real feel of 101F. What is that!? But I love and want Autumn to be here so bad that I had to hunt for more Autumn inspiring and inviting teas to share with you.

I found this beautiful blend over at The Wicked Spatula.  She created this blend based off one she liked at Whole Foods. I haven’t brewed this one. Yet.  I’m lacking a couple ingredients but I’m anxious!  It reads like it will be a perfect addition to my autumn and winter collection.  She mentioned that drinking it cold is lovely, also. However, you’d just need to brew it a bit steeper to ensure that when ice is in your glass and it’s melting that you wouldn’t lose the balance of the flavors.




  • Combine all spices in a clean glass container. You can make as much or as little as you want using the ratio above.
  • To brew a cup of tea place 2 teaspoons of tea into a filter or mesh ball and steep in 212° water for 5 minutes.

Get to brewing!  Post photos and tag us in them! We want to know how you mixed your blend and what your thoughts were. 🙂 And remember, if you love tea like we do, jump over to CrateJoy and look at our subscription box options.