Sun TeaWell, it’s Tuesday again and that means more tea! And today I want to do something fun that you can add to your solar eclipse activities.  Especially if you have kids, you can tell them you’re going to make eclipse tea on Monday! Because there’s nothing quite like a good glass of sun tea to enjoy when you’re with the family. Many people here in the USA are gearing up for the solar eclipse on Monday and I figured why not take a classic tea of the South and add a lovely spin on it!

Now, to make traditional sun tea, it’s pretty simple.

Sommer over at The Pioneer Woman breaks it down and I’m going to summarize it here and give some suggestions to add your own twist to it.

You’ll simply need a glass jar, tea bags, and sun!  Now, I generally try to stay away from recipes that suggest ‘tea bags’ but with sun tea, it’s the easiest way to get you going.  So this is the general consensus:

  1. Glass jar with lid, and preferably a pour spout.
  2. 8 regular tea bags per 1 gallon of water.
  3. 2-3 hours of constant sunshine minimum.
  4. Whatever flavors and garnishes you wish to add.
  5. Add sweetener of choice to your tasting.

So simple, see!?  And really it’s like a blank canvas of tea.  You can add fruit such as blackberries, raspberries, anything citrus. If you do add berries you want to lightly crush them so you can release the juices into the tea. Add mint, but if you want a stronger mint taste crush the leaves as if you were making a mojito. Throw in some lemon or lime slices. Or try it with orange! Maybe you want to get exotic and toss some jasmine in, or hibiscus.  It’s your artwork in a glass! Honey or stevia to sweeten would add a nice flavor, too.

Have fun with it! Let the kids suggest things and tell them you’re going to enjoy it after the solar eclipse! And if you’re traveling to see it – be safe!

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