Herbal Learning Boxes

Full Harvest

Are you the type that loves to try your hand at everything? Want to experience everything life has to offer? Or maybe like most of us, you can’t decide so you always get it all? Then the Full Harvest box is the best option for you so that you can get the most out of everything the subscription boxes offer. You’ll receive the two seed packets filled with ample amounts of seeds to practice your green thumb, a custom blended tea containing the month’s focused herb, two bags of the herb itself, and the full color magazine loaded with information and recipes to enjoy with your loved ones!

Tea Time

Do you enjoy savoring beautifully crafted loose-leaf teas? Want something you’re not going to find in your local stores? Seek the shelves no further! We have a box formulated, just like our teas, that’s perfect for all you tea-drinkers! Accompanied with our full color magazine, you’ll read about the monthly herb and learn about uses, folklore, recipes, and so much more while sipping your own cuppa!

Herb & Spice

Don’t have time or room to grow the herbs you want to learn about and work with? Like experimenting with loose herbs by making your own teas, incense, and concoctions? Then this is the perfect box for you! Every month you’ll receive 2 to 4 ounces of the month’s herb and the custom printed magazine containing articles about the herb along with various recipes to try your hand at.

Seedling Satchet

Got a green thumb? Want to learn about herbs from the root up? The Seedling Box is perfect for you, then! With the full color magazine, you’ll know how to grow the monthly herb and how to use it once it has matured. We always aim to supply you with more than enough seeds for multiple gardens to come, and to ensure you are getting your bang for your buck.

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