We are happy to announce that the next phase of our business is starting!

One of our primary goals has been to sell herbs, but to also educate our customers in using them correctly, and safely. The first subscription box will be shipping on March 15th! We will start accepting payments on January 15th. Everyone who wants to first month’s box and magazine needs to have subscribed by February 14th!

Each month’s box will contain the herb of the month(The herb for March is Chamomile.), a tea blend, as well as a small magazine that will have a Materia Medica for that herb. It will have common names, as well as latin names for that particular herb, contraindications, possible drug interactions, when and how not to use that herb, how that herb has been used traditionally, what constituents are in the herb, and how your body absorbs and interacts with those constituents.

Each magazine will also have a recipe for a salve, body oil, tincture, extract, etc. for that herb. If that herb can be used in cooking, we will also include a recipe that uses that herb, so that you can get some hands on experience. Some months will include seed packets of that month’s herb as well. When seeds are included, we will include instructions on how to properly care for your herb.

We don’t just want to sell you an herb. We want to use this to introduce you to new herbs and their possible uses. We want to expand your knowledge and experience. No matter what your experience level, every issue will have something you can use!

Last but not least, most months will also include a sample of some type. Whether that be a salve, lip balm, lotions, our eye cream, soap, and once or twice a year and essential oil.

This is the price list for what we will be adding

  • Full Year $240 ($60 savings per year!)*
  • Monthly Subscription $25 per month.($300 per year)*
  • One Month Only Herb Box($28)+
  • Magazine Subscription Only Monthly ($12)
  • Digital Magazine Subscription ($8)


* – Both the physical magazine as well as the digital copy are included in these boxes.
+ – A physical copy is included in this box.

** Please note, that excluding the one month purchase of an herb box, that the subscription will continue to charge every month until you cancel.