It’s here!!! It’s here!!!

If you can’t tell, we’re excited!  After loads of hard work and crazy planning the subscription boxes are now available!!!  There are 4 box options and a couple payment options, too!

There’s the Seedling Sachet – get the herb of the month seed’s and a printed magazine giving all sorts of great, usable information about the herb. Then there is the Tea Time box, where you’ll get the tea blend of the month we’ve crafted and the magazine.  Or the Herb & Spice box where you get just that herb and the magazine.  And then of course, there’s the full shabang!  We call it the Full Harvest!  This will have EVERYTHING in it! You have the option of paying for just one month or you can subscribe and get everything monthly – in which you’re able to pay monthly or pay yearly.

So here’s the awesome bit of news!  From now until March 14th, if you purchase anything use the one-time code LEARNHERBS and get 10% off.  Now, if you get just a one time box, you can get 10% off of it OR… you can use the code on your subscription and get a 10% discount on your monthly/yearly subscription FOR LIFE!  Now that’s some awesomeness there!  We are doing this to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for supporting us, believing in us, and just being there from the beginning. We couldn’t do this without you all!  So it’s the least we can do. <3

So without further delay – head over to the CrateJoy storefront and get your box today!!