Frequently Asked Questions

When do subscription boxes go out?
Our subscription boxes generally ship between the 15th and the 17th of each month. Our cutoff date is the 25th of the previous month
When is the subscription box cutoff, and why is there a cutoff date?
Our cutoff date is the 25th of the month prior to when the box ships. We have a cutoff date because we have to order our custom boxes and magazines, and this is the only reliable way we have found to get an accurate count of subscribers each month.
What is the Herbal learning box?
It is exactly what it sounds like! The herbs, teas, seeds, and magazine allow you to use, grow, and learn about herbs hands on!
How does your subscription box work?

Each month we have a different herb. Our first month was Chamomile, and our second month was Jasmine. In our Full Harvest box, you will get 2-4 ounces of that month’s herb, a custom tea blend,which features that month’s herb as one of the ingredients, seeds to grow it yourself, as well as our monthly magazine. The magazine includes an in depth material medica, 2-4 articles about that herb, it’s traditional uses, where it’s found, etc, as well as 1-2 recipes using that herb, and a growing guide, which will walk you through growing and caring for your seeds.

How are the subscription boxes priced?
Between our custom packaging and our custom magazine, we don’t make a huge profit, in fact there are many months we lost money. We price our products to cover our costs, and only at a 10% margin or less on average. This allows us to provide the information and the actual products for 30%-40% less than most other suppliers!

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